About Dr. Oetker
Compliance Organization

As a result of the steady international growth of the company and the increasing legal requirements, the topic of Compliance has grown in importance. Consequently, a Compliance Management System has been developed for the entire Oetker-Group.


Within the framework of this system, a Compliance Organization was installed whose Compliance Representatives are available as neutral and independent contact persons in case of compliance issues.

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If there is any indication of a (potential) violation of the law in relation to Dr. Oetker, you have the possibility to send us – completely anonymously – a message via the Compliance Hotline System of the Oetker-Group:

> Anonymous message submission

The following reporting channels are available: 

o  Compliance Hotline of the Oetker-Group – anonymous
message submission


o  Reporting by e-mail to the Compliance Organisation of
the Oetker-Group


 o  Reporting by letter to:

Dr. August Oetker KG 

Corporate Compliance Committee
Lutterstraße 14
33617 Bielefeld

o  Reporting by telephone via a (free) telephone service using a voice message

o  Reports by employees of the Oetker-Group to the management, supervisor, (Group) Compliance Officer or otherwise designated contact person of the respective subsidiary (e.g. in the course of a personal conversation).

We will carefully examine the matter and take the necessary measures.

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