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Are your ambient products peanut nut-free?

Peanut: Although Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd has a nut free facility; we are unable to make an official nut free claim as we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination with ingredients manufactured at other manufacturing plants. The information herein is based on current formulations and to the best of our knowledge, is accurate.

Do you have a program in place to control allergens in your ambient products?

We have a program in place to prevent cross-contamination in our production facility. However, Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd. will not accept any liability for the information contained
herein as relates to any individual(s) dietary requirements. Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd. will not guarantee no cross-contamination as products containing the listed allergens (Egg, dairy,
gluten, soy, sulphite) are processed in the facility. It is recommended that where concern exists regarding food allergens that the consumer contact Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd. for
current information.

Why is there liquid between the meringue topping and the pie filling of my Lemon Meringue Pie?

If you experience a meringue that slides off the filling or a soggy pie crust, you have experienced “weeping”. This is when the meringue begins to give up its water, hence the term “weeping”. It is a natural process that does not happen every time, however, it is unavoidable. The pie is still edible if “weeping” occurs.

Can I add lemon juice to my Shirriff Lemon Pie Filling for more tartness?

It is not recommended that you add lemon juice to the Shirriff Lemon Pie Filling as it is an acidic agent and causes the starch to thin, resulting in a thinner consistency pie filling

Is the prepared and refrigerated finished Dr. Oetker mousse firm enough to stand on its own as a cake filling?

Mousse will hold its own shape once it has been refrigerated. Using whipping cream instead of milk will produce a sturdier, longer lasting Mousse.

Can the Shirriff Pudding and Pie Mixes be made with Lactose Free milk?

Yes, they can be prepared with 2% Lactose Free milk.

What are the small yellow specs in my Lemon Pie Filling & Dessert Mix?

These are called color non pareils and these small pellets are what produce the yellow color.

Do you have any tips for preparing pie pastry?

Yes, keep the following pointers in mind when making your pie pastry: Choose dull-finished aluminum or glass pie pans. Shiny pans can give the pie a soggy bottom. Prick an unfilled pastry shell before baking. If the pastry shell is to be baked before it is filled (such as with lemon meringue), prick the bottom and sides with a fork just enough to keep it from puffing during baking. If it does begin to puff, reprick the crust. Don't prick the bottom too much or the filling may seep under the pastry.

Why is it helpful to brush beaten egg on a pie crust before adding the filling and baking the pie?

This technique helps prevent soggy pie crusts because the egg protein forms a shield between the dough and moist pie filling. Since the coagulating temperature of the egg mixture is lower than the jelling temperature of the filling, you reduce the period in which the water in the filling comes in direct contact with the crust.

How do I prepare my baking pans?

Always prepare your pans before mixing the batter. The texture and volume of the baked product can be affected by allowing the batter to sit in the bowl while greasing pans. To properly prepare baking pans, brush the bottom of the pan with margarine, butter, shortening, or cooking spray. Sprinkle the bottom and sides with a bit of flour, rolling the pan to ensure it is evenly coated, then discard the excess flour from pan. Hint: When making a chocolate cake, use cocoa to prepare pans so that when baked, the cake does not show a coating of white flour.

Are your pizzas microwavable?

No, our pizzas are not microwaveable.

What should I know about preparing Meringue?

Separate eggs while they are cold. Allow egg whites to warm to room temperature (let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes, or in warm water for 5 minutes); they will reach a higher volume than cold egg whites. Use a small, round deep bowl made of glass or stainless steel; plastic bowls can absorb grease which hinders the foaming action of egg whites. When egg whites are beaten to the foamy stage, add salt and cream of tartar (1 tsp each to 1 cup unbeaten egg white). Cream of tartar is an acid salt which will make it easier to beat the egg whites to maximum volume. It also increases the stability of the egg white foam and produces a more tender meringue. The sugar is added when the egg whites have been beaten to soft peak stage. Beat the sugar in gradually, 1 tablespoon at a time, until no grains of sugar can be felt when a small amount is rubbed between the fingers. When the sugar is well-dissolved, it holds moisture more effectively, making weeping less likely. Perfectly beaten egg whites hold firm peaks and look glossy and moist; over beaten whites are stiff but look dry. Spread meringue on a warm pie filling, completely covering the filling and sealing the meringue right to the crust all the way around. To maintain a high volume, spread and bake meringue as soon as the egg whites are beaten. Bake a soft meringue in a preheated 325°F to 350°F oven for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the meringue, or until golden brown. Keep oven door closed if possible until meringue is completely baked. Cool the meringue at room temperature to help prevent beading. Cooling should be gradual, away from drafts. When it is completely cold, it should be refrigerated.

Help, I can't remove the cake from the pan!

This is caused by improper greasing of the pan. To facilitate the removal of the cake, place a hot, moist cloth around the pan. Let stand for a few minutes. Repeat, if necessary.

Help, my cake has tunnels in it!

Tunnels may result from over stirring the batter or baking at too high an oven temperature.

How do I know my meringue is at the stiff peak stage?

Egg whites are beaten enough, if, when cut with a knife, the cut remains visible. The surface of the foam is smooth and shiny.

Can I use Dr. Oetker Instant Dry Yeast in my bread machine?

Yes. Dr. Oetker Instant Dry Yeast has been used successfully in bread machines.

Are dry and fresh yeasts interchangeable in recipes?

Yes, the two kinds of yeast can be used interchangeably. One envelope of active dry yeast is equal to 1 (1/2 ounce) cake of compressed fresh yeast.

What is the difference between dry yeast and fresh yeast?

Yeast is a tiny living plant that produces carbon dioxide gas, causing dough to rise. There are 2 kinds of yeast available today: active dry yeast, granulated in form, and cakes of compressed fresh yeast. Fresh yeast works quickly in a warm dough. It can be refrigerated. Dr. Oetker Instant Dry Yeast has all the properties of fresh yeast. It can be mixed with flour without premixing in a warm liquid and it can be stored for up to 18 months in a cool, dry place without losing its strength.

Just before using the yeast, mix some into ¼ cup of lukewarm water that has been enriched with ¼ teaspoon of sugar. This is the food for the yeast. If the yeast mixture does not start to bubble within five to ten minutes, your microorganisms are dead or enervated and will not leaven your dough or batter.

What is Whip it?

Dr. Oetker Whip it is a starch product. It binds the liquid parts of the whipped cream together. Whip it enables whipped cream to remain stiff for several hours

Why does my clear glaze turn opaque?

Glaze may turn opaque when stirred too much during cooling. This traps small air bubbles inside the setting glaze. Careful stirring with a wooden spoon instead of an egg beater will prevent this problem.

What are your sustainable activities?

We are certified against ISO 14001:2005 (international environmental standard), continuously improvement is our objective, we are reducing permanently the impact on the environment by saving e.g. water, natural gas, electricity or packaging material and controlling and reducing emissions. Annual Management reviews verify those numbers. We have an Environmental Policy in place, which all employees agreed to follow by signing our commitment

Is the packaging material made from recycled materials and can I recycle it?

Boxes and corrugated materials contain recycled materials up to 100% with up to 90% post- consumer fiber. The products have been produced in a chlorine-free process and are recyclable and compostable. Dr. Oetker also prefers supplier who work together with paper mills which have achieved the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification (FSC).

What is Dr. Oetker Canada’s commitment to the environment?

Dr. Oetker Canada is committed to the core principle of protecting our environment in everything we do. Environmental awareness and responsibility are part of our commitment to quality. All our new innovations are thoroughly researched, tested and evaluated to assess their environmental impact.

Can Casa di Mama be baked on the barbecue?

We do not recommend baking Casa di Mama on the barbecue.

Can Ristorante be baked on the barbecue?

Yes, Ristorante can be baked on the barbecue. Preheat barbecue to medium (approx 400°F). Remove pizza from all packaging. Place frozen pizza on baking sheet and place baking sheet on barbecue grill. Close lid and cook for 12-14 minutes or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted, rotating frequently through cooking time. Individual barbecues may vary. These are guidelines only.

How long should I cook your Shirriff Pudding & Pie Filling Dessert Mixes for on the stove?

Please carefully the cooking instructions present on each of our product’s package. Please note recommended cooking time may vary depending on the stove type and burner chosen. We recommend you use medium heat/flame and continuously stir the pudding until it starts to thicken, and bubbles break the surface. After that reduce the heat and continue cooking while stirring for 30 sec to 1 min.

Remove from heat. Our recipes are tested on regular household electrical convection stove and /or microwave (800 watt) where applicable.

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